Thermo fabric



Flame resistant fabrics with metallised yarn

  • Provides a shield for up to 55% of the heat generated by sunshine.
  • Saves about 15% of overall heating costs.
  • Energy saving and 
  • saves energy
  • does not crease (no white lines appear as with aluminium coated materials)
  • resists to dirt, detergents, insects, water stains etc.
  • provides protection from excessive sunshine and uv radiation
  • protects against glare
  • reduces sharp contrasts at computer work stations
  • is flame retardant
  • is washable ( 30°C fine fabrics)
  • can save up to 15% of the heating costs (as measured by the Fraunhofer Institute)
  • reflects up to 55% of incoming solar energy (as tested by the stfi)
  • contributes to home comfort all around the year
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